Rezone Kerrisdale!

A Kerrisdale church building below-market rentals faces fierce opposition from incumbent homeowners who are organizing to prevent new housing in a wealthy neighbourhood.  Be sure to check out the open house at the Ryerson Memorial Centre in Kerrisdale between 5 and 8 PM on February 27 to make sure they aren't the only voices in the room!

Ryerson United Church, like many aging churches, seeks to make better use of their property and provide more affordable housing, and have partnered with developers to build:

  • 40 strata units in a combination of townhouses and an 8 story building, including 19 three-bedrooms and 16 two-bedrooms
  • 32 rental units (21 of which will be subsidized for below-market rates) in a 5 story building 
  • A new 19,000 square foot community centre 
  • Seismic upgrades, heritage designation, and restoration of the 1927-built church, improving the venue for music performances. 

More housing in one of Vancouver's most exclusionary neighbourhoods, including 21 subsidized rentals? More community space and an improved cultural venue? Restoring a piece of Vancouver's heritage? All located within a 3-6 minute walk of three frequent transit routes and the future 91-B Line? Who could object? 

Well, some folks do, claiming that people without millions of dollars should go live on noisy and polluted arterials rather than traipse into their single family side-streets. We want you to make sure they aren't the only voices the City hears.  

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