More housing for more people

We are a pro-housing group that supports more homes of all types in Metro Vancouver. To learn more, please visit our FAQ or check out the projects we've advocated for. 86% of the correspondence we've mobilized as of November 2018, has been for rental homes, and 56% for below-market homes.

Upcoming Events


Mount Pleasant Missing Middle Walking Tour

On September 12, join us for an exploration of Mount Pleasant, we can find a wide variety of building types from low rise apartments down to single family homes in close proximity.

Our route will exhibit many “Missing Middle” housing types which are illegal to build in most of Vancouver today. Prior to the introduction of Vancouver’s zoning bylaw, this neighbourhood flourished as it developed with a mix of small apartment buildings, townhouses, and grand houses divided into a large number of apartments.

If this sounds like a great way to spend an autumn Sunday afternoon, please RSVP!


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