Talking to your friends about the housing problems we are all facing can be cathartic. It's something we do all the time. We've decided to take some of those conversations to actual decision-makers.

We think that building more housing is part of the solution to the housing crisis in our City. This is based on a common-sense idea: if there is more housing for people, more people will have more housing in Vancouver. 

However, apartments are illegal on 76% of Vancouver's residential land, severely restricting where relatively affordable, multi-family units can be built. We do not believe that supply is the only solution, and most of our advocacy has been for rental and non-market homes – but we do believe that zoning for expensive, low-density housing is part of the problem.

If you'd like to help, give us a shout at [email protected] and someone will reach out to you!

Abundant Housing Vancouver is a non-profit volunteer-run organization, and a registered BC society. The directors of Abundant Housing Vancouver are:

  • Daniel Oleksiuk
  • Jennifer Bradshaw
  • Albert Huang
  • Stuart Smith
  • Owen Brady
  • Scott de Lange Boom
  • Peter Waldkirch