Letter In Support of Missing Middle Motion

Abundant Housing Vancouver writes to the Vancouver City Council in support of Motion B.5 Enabling Creative and Easily Replicated “Missing Middle” Housing Pilots


July 21st, 2020

Vancouver City Hall

453 West 12th Avenue

Vancouver, BC  V5Y 1V4


Dear Mayor Stewart and Council,

Abundant Housing Vancouver is writing in support of Motion B.5 Enabling Creative and Easily Replicated “Missing Middle” Housing Pilots

As you are aware, the vast majority of residential land in Vancouver is subject to bylaws banning all but the least affordable types of housing. This prohibition has contributed to the housing crises this city is facing. We support this motion, as it moves the City of Vancouver in the direction of legalizing more affordable types of housing in all areas of the city.

We are pleased to see this motion recognize the urgency with which action on the housing crisis is required. The housing crisis is not an abstract problem that the city can take its time solving. There is a real human cost to a lack of available and affordable housing. It is important that the City continues its work to increase the amount of available and affordable housing while the longer term planning processes are happening in the background.

In the spirit of constructive feedback, we would like to make the following suggestions of how this motion could be improved:

  1. Expand the range of missing middle type housing under consideration to all forms of missing middle housing, not just the ground oriented varieties. 
  2. That the scope for the Q2 2021 report on additional measures to enable additional density for moderate income housing, be expanded to cover off arterial areas. Arterials have higher levels of air and noise pollution. It is not equitable to push all moderate income housing in parts of the city with higher pollution and therefore increased risks to health.
  3. The elimination of minimum parking requirements for any missing middle type housing within walking distance of frequent transit service. 

In closing, we urge council to support Motion B.5 Enabling Creative and Easily Replicated “Missing Middle” Housing Pilots.


Directors of Abundant Housing Vancouver Society