Degentrify Shaughnessy

Tomorrow, council will decide whether to allow 81 rental apartments at 4750 Granville in Shaughnessy.  Can you let council know it’s time for Shaughnessy to start letting people in, instead of pushing people out?


What you can do:

  1. Speak Sign up (item 3 - 4750 Granville), and let council know that it’s time to let the rest of us live in Shaughnessy.  
  2. Write - tell council about your perspective on housing in our region why it’s important that all areas of Vancouver contribute - use the city’s online form or our handy letter generator
  3. Share this message

Key points

  1. Housing near 4750 Granville is almost entirely market single family detached houses and costs up to $110,000 per month!
  2. Shaughnessy extra exclusive zoning has failed to serve Vancouver, it's time for change.
  3. While a 4 storey building may be radical given Shaughnessy's history, the housing shortage has made 28 storey buildings necessary elsewhere, meaning that this is still far too little housing for such a location.
  4. If 1971 Shaughnessy was able to handle 10,000 people, any concerns about infrastructure or parking should be moot while it's current population is only 8,000
  5. Exclusive neighbourhoods like Shaughnessy effectively export their share of population, even their own children, into other, less wealthy neighbourhoods, pushing up rents and prices.


Exclusive Neighbourhoods are not Neutral

Over the last 50 years, if Shaughnessy had merely kept pace with Metro Vancouver, and accepted their fair share of neighbours, over 25,000 people would live there now.  Instead, only 8,000 do.  Those missing 17,000 people ended up in other neighbourhoods, increasing housing costs for everyone else.


One new rental building will not solve all of Shaughnessy's problematic history, but it’s a start, and the future residents of that building will be that many fewer people competing with us for apartments each month.  Exclusive neighbourhoods are incompatible with housing for all, and incompatible with housing as a human right.


Public Hearing Agenda (item 3 - 4750 Granville)

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