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  • Grandview-Woodland Plan Goes to Council

    This little group met at a rezoning hearing in June, after having seen hearing after hearing in which residents, frequently existing homeowners, showed up to oppose new housing. We decided to get organized together because we wanted to do something about it.  

    And what better place to start than the 5-year-running-controversy that is the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan? The ever-controversial plan goes to City Council next Wednesday, July 27, starting at 9:30am. If you'd like to come and speak in support of more housing in this amazing neighbourhood, this is your chance.

    Public input into this plan will also inform future community plans, including in wealthier neighbourhoods with a lot more snob-zoning than in Grandview-Woodland.

    You can register to speak to Council next Wednesday by emailing the Meeting Coordinator:

    If you can't make it next Wednesday, you can also write in to give your thoughts on the plan at

    The plan is available on the City website. A good summary is available here. Under the plan, the population of the area is forecast to grow by about 10,000 people, to 43,500, by 2041.

    The plan calls for about 300 new people in the neighbourhood, each year, over the next 30 years, with most of these in large buildings around Commercial and Broadway, and along Hastings Street.Very few new units will be created on the majority of land, or near current single-family or duplex homes. 

    What we'd love to have seen in this plan is more of the "missing middle" of modest rowhomes, small apartments, and secondary units (i.e., more and bigger laneway houses). With land prices escalating and renters being priced out, these additional houses in lower-density areas would make space for immigrants and newcomers, and also for displaced or evicted renters and long-time residents who need somewhere else in the neighbourhood to live.

    Grandview-Woodland has long been a bastion of affordable, central, housing in Vancouver. With many co-ops, a thriving arts-scene, good restaurants, and (historically) affordable rents in both modest apartment buildings and beautiful heritage homes, we all want to see the Drive keep its spirit. So come join us at Council to talk about how best to make space for more people and new neighbours in Grandview-Woodland.

    Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at 09:30 AM
    Vancouver City Hall in Vancouver, BC, Canada
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  • Walking Tour: Vancouver's Worst Zoning

    You might already know that townhouses and apartments are illegal on most of Vancouver's residential land. But did you know that some neighbourhoods go further by effectively zoning for mansions that are many times more expensive than even the average multi-million-dollar Vancouver house?

    On Saturday September 24, we hope you can join AHV members for a casual walking tour through West Point Grey. We'll tour the ultra-exclusionary Belmont Avenue and Drummond Drive neighbourhood, discuss the City of Vancouver policies that keep it out of reach for most, and wind up near 10th and Sasamat for drinks, food, and socializing.

    We'll meet at the NW corner of Blanca and Belmont at 4PM.

    Saturday, September 24, 2016 at 04:00 PM
    West Point Grey in Vancouver, BC, Canada
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  • January 24 Rezoning Hearing

    Join Abundant Housing Vancouver to support several housing projects that we think are pretty worth while. Meet with us at the hearing, and write City Council to let them know that you think these projects are important for Vancouver's housing needs.  

    • 2720 East 48th Avenue: Expanded Senior's housing in South Vancouver
    • 575 Drake Street: Covenant House provides support homeless youth, and they want to add 10 stories of new building to their site in Yaletown to expand their mission
    • 1495 West 8th Avenue: The above mentioned Masonic Centre redevelopment.  The plan is to add 159 new units - a mix of market and non market rental housing. Neighbors are already writing in, claiming that rental housing doesn't belong in Fairview.  We disagree. 
    Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at 06:00 PM · 1 rsvp
    City Hall in Vancouver, BC, Canada
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  • Abundant Housing Walking Tour: Strathcona

    Join us for a walk starting at The Wilder Snail (a Strathcona café and corner grocer) to explore the wonderful housing diversity of Vancouver's oldest neighbourhood. We'll walk through Strathcona to learn the area's history, observe pre-1920 housing forms prohibited in most Vancouver neighbourhoods, and discuss City of Vancouver housing policy.
    After the walk, we'll end up at Luppolo Brewing Co. nearby for drinks and further discussion.
    Sunday, February 19, 2017 at 02:00 PM · 58 rsvps
    The Wilder Snail in Vancouver, BC, Canada
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  • Abundant Coffee Vancouver

    Following up on our last casual coffee chat in Mount Pleasant and discussing our observations from the previous week's walking tour, join us for a morning of robust coffee consumption, tasty treats  and conversation at the Black Rook Bakehouse on East Hastings Street in Hastings-Sunrise 

    Saturday, February 25, 2017 at 10:00 AM · 24 rsvps
    Black Rook Bakehouse in Vancouver, BC, Canada
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  • Abundant Coffee Vancouver

    Welcome to another installment of Abundant Coffee Vancouver, our periodic coffee chat about housing.  Bring your friends and neighbours for some caffeinated conversation. 

    We'll be meeting at Aperture Coffee (243 W Broadway) 10 AM on Sunday, June 4, near Alberta St, two blocks from Broadway-City Hall Station. All are welcome. 

    Sunday, June 04, 2017 at 10:00 AM · 25 rsvps
    Aperture Coffee in Vancouver, BC, Canada
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