Pro-Housing Prevails

Abundant Housing Vancouver congratulates Hector Bremner, Vancouver’s newest city councillor.  We’re pleased that many candidates called for reforms to zoning in Vancouver, and many pointed out how zoning is used to ban apartments, townhomes, row homes and most other forms of housing from most neighborhoods.  We would like to thank all the candidates, campaign workers and volunteers who put long hours into making democracy in Vancouver work.  We’re happy that Hector Bremner’s repeated calls to end exclusionary zoning carried the day.

The majority of voters who voted for Hector Bremner and other pro-zoning-reform candidates demonstrate that there is an appetite among Vancouverites for legalizing all forms of housing in all neighborhoods.

We believe Vancouver can significantly expand housing options and availability while protecting tenants and older rental stock. We believe that this can be accomplished with no displacement, by ensuring that new buildings can go into previously off-limits neighborhoods, taking the pressure off older rental and multi-family buildings.

We look forward to working with all parties to ensure that apartments, townhomes, row homes, and all forms of housing will once again be legal in all neighborhoods.

About Abundant Housing

Abundant Housing Vancouver believes that building more housing is part of the solution to the housing crisis in our city. This is based on the common-sense idea that, if there is more housing for people, more people will have more housing.

Apartments are illegal on 76% of Vancouver's residential land, severely restricting where relatively affordable, multi-family units can be built. While we agree that zoning reform is not the whole answer, or the only answer, we believe the zoning status quo is a significant contributor to the housing shortage.