Support Making Room

Making Room is Vancouver's plan to accommodate more neighbours in more neighbourhoods across the city. Preliminary steps are going before City Council on September 18, and they need your support.

The changes going before council involve allowing duplexes in most single-family zones, just like many of our most beloved neighbourhoods (Kitsilano, Mount Pleasant, and Grandview Woodland) have already allowed for decades. These are very small steps, but their significance lies in the city's recognition that the housing crisis is a city-wide problem requiring city-wide solutions. Bolder changes are planned for next year – but we're concerned that they may be scaled back if support isn't demonstrated now.

These tentative steps have already drawn overblown rhetoric from opponents: Making Room has been attacked as a 'chainsaw massacre', and claims have been made that it will 'homogenize our neighbourhoods into an urban wasteland of conformity.'.

So please write to the city, sign up to speak at the hearing on September 18th, attend information sessions, and help make room for everyone who wants to live in Vancouver. You can use the tool below to express your opinions to Mayor Robertson and the City Council. We’ve prepared a letter below, but please customize it (or write your own) if you have time.

Note: to prevent spam and other abuse, comments are manually reviewed before being sent to Council.